Should you get Home Insurance?

Big_single-family_home_2Many people that own their own home, do not have home insurance, but there are those that do have it, and find it very beneficial to have. People are not required to purchase insurance for their home, but it is in their best interest to purchase it, if they are homeowners. Insurance for the home, can protect many possessions in the home, that are often lost or damaged in homes due to fires, burglaries, hurricanes, lighting damage, flood damage, and more. Most people can make filing insurance claims a very easy process, through simply reading everything that is included in their home insurance policy, and photographing their personal possessions in case of a catastrophe, or a disaster. All homeowners need to be aware of the exact things that they qualify for in the policies they sign up for. Go here ( ) to get more information about home owners policies in Ireland

Home owners insurance usually covers things such as property damage, and liabilitycoverage, but owners are capable of getting other types of insurance on their home as well. Things such as termites often invade homes, and professionals have to be called in to repair the damage, and insurance can sometimes cover the cost of termite damage. Some home insurance will cover power outage damage, and falling debris damage, from a bad tornado or other bad types of weather. All types of home insurance differs, with most liablity policies covering from between 10,000 and 30,000 for any type of damages done to the home. Certain family members that no longer live at the residence may be covered, as well as studemts property that are away at colleges. Insurance for the home, is the ideal thing to have with so many things happening, and it gives homeowners a sense of safety and security, knowing that their possessions will be protected and cared for if they are lost to a tragedy.

Online gambling as a career

Gambling is still considered by many to be a taboo topic – but it’s a topic that should be talked about. Gamblers are often very interesting people and you will notice this as soon as you meet them, in most cases they will be very charismatic, energetic, and full of life (the good gamblers, anyway!). Of course this varies from person to person but you will find that these are common traits amongst successful gamblers.

Gambling as a career is something that many people are still uncertain about – is this really a career path that someone can go down? The short answer is, yes. With more and more events being monetized by the big corporations this gives the punters more opportunity and thus more people are becoming involved.

Throughout this article we’ll be giving you a quick overview of online gambling as a career – how it compares to a standard job as well as the benefits that you’d witness by going online vs placing your bets in person.

How It Compares to a Standard Job

We all know that online gambling and having a standard job are two completely different things. Even though many people will look down at those of us who are gamblers, there are some people who make a lot of money through gambling and are considered “professionals”. Whether you agree with this analogy or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that being an online gambler is very different to working a standard job.

One of the major reasons why is because of the instability that a person must go through (which will be discussed more in detail below) in addition to sudden losses that could force the gambler to become homeless within just a few days.

The Benefits of Going Online

Many gamblers have now chosen to go online – and the numbers are increasing every day – the reasoning behind this is quite simple. By going online, the gamblers are essentially limiting the need to commute.

A gambler who bets on horse races for example, no longer needs to go to the tracks like he did 15 years ago – instead, he can simply go online and place his bet in a matter of moments. As you can see, this is very beneficial not just for saving time, but also for saving money. The fees for placing online bets and using online casinos is minimal and with the expenses saved it really is the best option.

A couple of the most popular games are bingo and poker. However the two are very different, poker has a definiate skill edge to it. If you know the odds and understand game theory it is possible you can make money over a long period of time. Bingo on the other hand does not have many skill advantages and is a game that should be played only for fun. There are so many new websites popping up everyday each with great offers its no wonder the games taken off in recent years.

Instability – the Major Disadvantage

Of course there are many disadvantages to being an online gambler – and as you might have guessed, these disadvantages revolve around stability. Even though gamblers can often make large amounts of money when they are winning, their losses can be twice and sometimes even three times as much as their wins.

So instead of having a regular paycheck coming in every month like the average person does, the online gambler isn’t sure how much money he will make or lose in any given month. Not only does this cause problems financially, but also emotionally. Not knowing if you can make your rent payments, or afford your grocery bill, or your car insurance is definitely an emotional thing to go through.

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Money Saving Tips on New Insurance Policies

Insurance policies provide individuals with a sense of security in reference to a given property or a more comfortable life. In this, you expect to derive the best insurance policy at an affordable rate. The assumption that the best insurance policies are those that are highly priced is not applicable. You do not have to run broke to get yourself an insurance policy. When attempting to save money on new insurance policies, it is not the same as going in for the cheapest option. It is all about getting the best at a more affordable rate. The following tips will help you to save money when considering taking a new insurance policy.

Shop around and compare

The insurance industry is very competitive. In this, various insurance providers are launching new products for their target market. Before settling for a given policy, shop around and a competitor may just provide the same policy but at a cheaper rate thus saving your money. Being knowledgeable on the competitions products may give you an upper hand when it comes for requesting for a better rate. Collect as many quotes as possible.

Take a policy with covers that you need

Many insurance policies come as a package. Looking at the package, there are some covers that are not useful to you. Have your insurance company eliminate them and after an agreement, you will find that the cost goes down. Optional covers can be eliminated. Alternatively, you may eliminate one cover and add one that is useful to you. Keep in mind that they have to be under the same type of insurance.

Buy online

With the advancement in technology, many insurance companies are trying to reduce long queues in their hall ways. In this, they are providing discounts for individuals purchasing an insurance policy online. You will also get reviews on insurance companies. The search is simplified for you. You will also get a quote faster and some sites offer direct comparisons for insurance policies of the same type.

Avoid paying monthly premiums

If you are looking to save money on your new insurance policy, it is best that you make premium payments yearly. Though it may be more convenient to pay monthly, it will save you a lot of money yearly or at least semi-annually. This is because the admin fee is calculated once as opposed to twelve times when you opt to pay monthly. If you are in a position to, a one off premium payment will save you lots of money.


Even after comparing and settling for an insurance policy that is relatively affordable as compared to its competitors, always try to negotiate. It is through negotiating that you can request for a discount. Negotiating may also get you the policy you want but at the rate you want. This works as many insurance companies are trying to increase their clientele.

Following the above tips, you should be able to count some saving prior to purchasing a new insurance policy. Do not rush to settle but take your time to ensure that you reap the benefits of a given insurance policy.