Benefits of Going Solar

  • Energy bills are getting more expensive each year however once you have paid the setup costs solar panels produce electricity for free using only sun light
  • Actively reduce pollution and damage caused by traditional power like nuclear and oil and gas.
  • Large benefits are given by the uk government for households that go solar.
  • Energy companies will buy power back from you when you produce too much power.  You might not only save money but actually make a profit.
  • Under the Feed in tariff scheme all profits made are tax free.

How Solar PV works

Solar PV systems use light from the sun and transform it into electricity. A solar panel is made up of many cells. Each cell is electrically conductive when exposed to light.  The solar panels are connected in series or parallel depending on your requirements. These models make up an array and go straight into a DC/AC Inverter.  Now the power is converted and at a steady voltage it can be used to power your home.

Costs of installation and maintenance

There is little in the way of maintenance with domestic roof solar panels. Most panels are installed at a 15 degree angle which allows them to be naturally cleaned from rain water. In some areas of the UK the panels may get dusty, bird droppings or leaves and branches falling on them. In these cases they will need to be cleaned in a similar fashion to your everyday windows.

Savings over the long run

In general domestic installations cost between £4,500 and £9000. You can expect savings of around £750 per year. View this to see how much you might save.

On average you can expect to earn up to £40,000 tax free over the 20 year period. This is including projected annual inflation and energy price estimates.